Our Services

New Builds

UCI2 offers a full complement of turnkey Civil services with a principal focus on Raw-land and Co-location construction. Our Civil technicians are skilled in installing tower foundations, shelter foundations, generator pads, utilities, and grounding systems. Our services also include an unrestricted licensed electrician capable of handling all your electrical requirements. In addition, the experienced team of telecom professionals at UCI2 excels in rapid response and tailoring our services to meet our Clients’ needs for a successful project.

Small Cell

We provide a full spectrum of professional engineering services to design, deploy, and operate communication networks and integrate applications to solve your business challenges and improve productivity.

With increased demand to expand coverage and network capacity, UCI2 has trained technicians skilled in installation, testing, and turn-up of small cell nodes to meet the demands of small or large deployments.

UCI2 construction is highly experienced and qualified in the increasingly popular solution of small cell. Deployment of small cells helps the quality of experience for the end-user by bringing the cellular network closer through low-powered radio access nodes. This is where aesthetic meets functional housing. A practice that is growing in demand for mobile data usage.

Technology Upgrades

Our crews are equipped and ready to install your antenna & line package quickly and safely. In most cases, an antenna/line system can be installed in only a couple of days. UCI2’s teams are highly trained in the handling and care of your materials during installation. Your system will operate at its maximum potential because of our superior attention to detail. All of our tower technicians are knowledgeable in all of the major coax manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, each of UCI2’s tower teams is led by an experienced RF Tech trained in handling unexpected situations and sensitive RF issue

Civil & Electrical

At UCI2 Construction, we have the in-house resources to complete any civil task in wireless construction. This includes clearing, grading, concrete foundations, road construction, foundation modifications, equipment platform modifications and upgrades, compound work, fencing, and landscaping, etc.

UCI2 construction is a licensed Electrical Contractor with years of experience in the industry. We have electrical crews on staff that handle everything from simple grounding repairs to service upgrades to generator installs and change-outs

Storm Response

UCI2 Construction has extensive experience in natural disaster recovery work. Effective storm recovery begins with an experienced management team with proven knowledge in large-scale recovery operations for network outages.

Our emergency services include command centers, portable generators, refueling both on and off-site, flatbed trailers, and certified electricians. At UCI2 Construction, we are committed to restoring service and integrity to our clients’ telecom and cellular networks. Our rapid-response teams are equipped with the latest tools and technologies to restore service when disaster strikes quickly.

Site & Tower Inspections

Here at UCI2, we perform several inspections, including annual maintenance, due diligence and steel data, storm damage assessment, and quality assurance.

We offer several different levels of tower inspections. A general inspection can be performed to determine tower condition, antenna and coax inventory, tower height, lighting system, and paint condition. When we perform a rigorous inspection, tower mapping will be provided to document accurate steel data that will be used for an engineering structural analysis.

Fiberoptic/Microwave Backhaul

At UCI2 Construction, an end-to-end solution provider offers a full range of wireless and wired backhaul solutions that are expertly suited to meet your bandwidth requirement and budget.

Here at UCI2, we look towards the future as we leverage the next generation of microwave antennas. These innovative products have more resilience against interference, deliver greater spectrum reuse, and are economical in lowering costs. Moreover, our team of top engineering professionals is trained to successfully plan, manage, and deploy your wireless backhaul solution.

When conditions such as weather, land topography, distances, or bandwidth favor a wired backhaul, you can depend on UCI2 Construction Services. We offer a full range of innovative fiber connectivity solutions conducive to a network infrastructure with more speed and flexibility at a fraction of the price.

Our clients take advantage of today’s intelligent deployment strategies that are outfitted with smaller and lighter cables. This makes fiber backhaul a smart investment of higher performance (all the capacity you need for years to come) with a lower total cost of ownership (TOC).

UCI2 Construction has built a reputation on years of expertise and professionalism. We are known for our innovation and high standards, a guarantee that we can deliver the microwave antenna that is perfect for your application. Whether long or short links, mild or extreme environments, we are equipped to handle diverse pattern needs with the optimal solution for you. Let us unleash the potential of your network.

RF Services & Maintenance

Our technical staff is among the best in the nation and are required to take continuing education classes year-round. This training, combined with years of field experience, has developed a fully trained staff that can fix any system with minimal downtime. Our maintenance teams carry a full array of replacement components in order to troubleshoot your site. Each team is equipped with spare material, Anritsu, fiber test gear, RET controller, PIM gear, and antenna alignment tool.

UCI2 RF Services Include:
  • RF Sweep Testing
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • “System-Wide” RF Sweep Inspections
  • Third-Party Quality Assurance
  • Microwave Installation, Testing, and Alignment
  • In-Building Solutions to enhance indoor coverage issues
  • GPS Antenna Alignment
  • PIM Testing & Reporting
  • Fiber Optic Cable Testing & Reporting
  • Rapid Response Teams

Safety & Training Are Key To Our Success

Training Never Ends

Our employees bring a lot to UCI2. We make sure all staff continue to grow and stay safe with ongoing training and education

  • RF Safety
  • First Aid/CPR
  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • PIM
  • Sweep
  • Driving Safety
  • Comtrain
  • Blood Born Pathogen
  • NWSA TT1 TT2 TT3
  • Continuing Education
  • Professional Credits
  • Certifications in the latest technology

We invest in training and safety because it is the safest way for us to provide our clients and employees with the highest level of care.